Eggshell Removal

Here's what you'll need...
  • raw egg
  • cup
  • vinegar

Here's another classic EGGsperiment for this week. This week is all about removing the shell of the egg!

This experiment is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is place a raw egg in a cup and fill the cup with vinegar. Let the egg sit over night, then replace the vinegar in the morning. You are going to repeat letting the egg sit and replaceing the vinegar each day until the eggshell is completely removed!

What happens to the eggshell? Well, vinegar contains acetic acid which makes vinegar an acid. Acids are really good at eating away things like calcium carbonate that makes up the eggshell. As soon as you place the egg in the vinegar you may begin to see some carbon dioxide bubbles that occur from the chemical reaction. If you watch your egg you may see that the carbon dioxide bubbles will build up on one part of the egg causing the egg to spin occasionally! Once the calcium carbonate is dissolved completely with the vinegar you are left with an egg with no shell. Luckily, there's a membrane to hold the egg together!

Check back next week for another EGGsperiment!