Amazing Science Demonstrations

Demonstration Details...
  • All demos are 30 minutes
  • Maximum attendance: 100 in a group
  • Cost varies per show
  • Discounts are offered for multiple demos
  • Call (314)289-4439 for pricing information

Bring an unforgettable science experience to your next event! These fun and exciting demonstrations are perfect for school assemblies, banquet entertainment, corporate functions, and more! Length and cost are flexible for easy budgeting!

Get ready to be amazed!

It's a Blast!

This is the show you’ve always asked for! A chemistry show that explores a very specific type of exothermic reaction – Fire! Through surprising experiments discover the basic needs of fire and witness some loud, bright and colorful demonstrations that are sure to spark excitement.

Note: This show presents experiments that contain open flames. Show must be done indoors, in a room with 12 foot or higher ceilings.


Water plays an important role in our lives, but chemically speaking, water is a rebel. From seeming to defy gravity to sparking excitment, we'll investigate the uncommon prperties of the world's most common chemical.

Motion Magic

Newton's Laws of Motion are so common-sense that we know their results instinctively...most of the time. Sometimes, though, the same laws can produce quite surprising results! Can a bike stay up without a rider? Do you have to be a magician to pull a table cloth out from a dinner plate? In this demonstration, we'll learn the science behind how things moves, and find out how magical physics can be!

A Hair Raising Experience...

This shocking demonstration will electrify learning. We'll explore the parts of an atom, learn why doorknobs shock us in the wintertime and create an arc of electricity that will energize a light bulb without using wires.
Note: some experiments in this demonstration are not safe for those who have pacemakers or hearing aids.

Creepy Chemistry

This series of spooky experiments will definitely get ooohs and ahhs. We'll explore a variety of chemistry experiments including fun with fire, expanding lunch bags and rapid decomposition. We'll end it all with a bang!
*Note: demonstration includes an explosion, which can be startling and loud.

Surprise! It's Plastic.

It's in your clothes. It's in your toys. It's in your furniture. It might even be in your hair! Surprise! It's plastic. Plastics are everywhere. Learn about the molecules that make plastics so versatile and discover some surprising ways we use plastic everyday. Through this exciting demonstration you'll find out how to make slime and see how milk jugs can be recycled.

Now Hear This!

Most people know what sound is, but how does sound work? We'll get things shaking to explore sound energy and find out some unusual ways we can make noise. We'll learn about frequency, waves and pitch through fun demonstrations. You'll hear singing goblets, screaming metal rods and find out if we can figure out a way to see sound.

What else can you do?!

In addition to our Amazing Science Demonstrations, we have a variety of hands-on science programs that we can bring to your location. For a full listing of all our on-site and off-site programs, check out our complete program guide. Call (314)289-4439 for more information or to book a program.