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What We Did Today! Summer Camp is open! From preschoolers to high schoolers we are having a blast learning about science for 8 full weeks. If you're wondering what your camper learned during their summer camp experience, check out our What We Did Today page!
Boy Scout Days Registration for Boy Scout Days is Open! On Saturday Nov. 2 and Sunday Nov. 3 we will celebrate scouting in science style with two full days of programs and discounts just for Scouts!
Your Place or Ours? The Science OFF Center team can provide programs and live science demos at your location! From hands-on activity workshops to scout badges to corporate team building, we'll bring fun challenges to your location.
Family Science Saturdays This fall the Science Center has a new experience to share with you, your family and friends. Every second Saturday of the month, join members of the Science Center staff for the new "Family Science" series.

What We Did Today!

Summer is up and away here at the Saint Louis Science Center! Our Summer Science Blast program is well under way. Woundering what your camper did today? Check our our What We Dids section for an overveiw and some engaging questions to ask your camper!

Keep Looking Up

The Universe lost a star this week. Iconic amateur astronomer Jack Horkheimer passed away at age 72. But like the stars themselves, we will continue to see Mr. Horkheimer's light for years to come.

Jack Horkheimer was known to millions through his enthusiastic and somewhat zany television program "Star Gazer". This 5-minute show presented a way to marvel at the splendors of the night sky with some very simple tools - your eyes! The Star Gazer segments would identify constellations, planets or other astronomical phenomenon and Mr. Horkheimer would happily explain how to go outside and find your way through the stars. The shows were broadcast on PBS stations around the country beginning in 1985 and each show ended with a friendly invitation to "keep looking up!"

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An Elevated View of Geology

Well, summer camps are over and after-school programs haven’t started yet, so the end of August is a good time for some of us Science-OFF-Center people to take a vacation…. But, like it or not, a break from the Science Center is never a break from science. Even ignoring the fact my light airport reading is “The Joy of Chemistry,” it took less than two hours for vacation to remind me of work.

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