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Dung Beetles and the Galaxy!

I know it’s been a while since we have blogged, with the exit of Electric Erin, (she left us to get a PhD in Science Education so go her!) we have just needed a little more energy to jump start our website! (all electricity puns totally intended!) However, this story may be just the thing we need! It’s about poop, bugs and galaxies!

What in the world would all these things have in common? Well according to national geographic, the African Dung Beatle uses the Milky Way Galaxy for navigation purposes! The Milky Way Galaxy is our galaxy that we live in. You can see part of the Milky Way Galaxy on a dark clear night, away from the city; you will be able to see a band of light that travels across the sky. That band of light is made up of millions and millions of stars that are so far away that we can’t see the individual pinpoints of light, but we can see all the light put together.

Read more: Dung Beetles and the Galaxy!


Snowflake Patterns

Snowflakes are beautiful examples of fractals.

My favorite part of winter is a gentle snowstorm! I love to stand very still and watch the flakes fall around me. My black wool coat makes a great backdrop against which to observe the delicate symmetry of the flakes. While each flake IS unique, their formation does follow a very specific and scientific pattern. A snowflake is just one of many fractals found in nature. A fractal is a complex geometric pattern in which small details of its structure, viewed at any scale, repeat elements of the overall pattern. This video is a great verbal and visual depiction of the science behind snow! Here's hoping we can make many scientifc observaiton of snow this winter. Let it snow, let it snow, oh please let it snow.


Holiday Cheer

Somethings happen so quickly that we never see the actual event unfold. This year, from all of us at the Saint Louis Science Center, we decided to share a little holiday cheer by taping the installation of the Plantarium's large, red holiday bow. This large undertaking goes on often unnoticed but the tradition of the bow and its undenyable charm are is evident.

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays!


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